Callum Reviews……. Children.

Obnoxious, spoilt, smelly, annoying, whiney, moany, loud, stupid,

I walk anywhere nowadays and when I see a child one of those words pop into my head. (10+ age children are another matter!) There is very very very very rare exceptions granted where certain children transcend these opinions and do give me hope for the future but 99% of them make me realise the apocalypse is nigh.

Why the fucking hell are parents not allowed to discipline children properly any more, when I was a sprogg if I was naughty I got a smack and sent to my room with no dinner, I like to think I have turned into a pretty upstanding citizen, I hold the door open for people, I say my pleases and thank yous, if I see someone who needs help I always offer help and I generally don’t ask for much. Nowadays all you see from kids is the word “want”, every other fucking word they say is “WANT”  and 9 times out of 10 they get because the parents are too stupid to realise that they are spoiling their little beasts. Each generation is getting more disrespectful softer at an increasing rate, I can see this and I’m still only young.

The future is fucking bleak.



Next time on callumreviews………… Hippies.

Ya’ll know it wont be.

Until then….

Cheese toast bitch



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