Callums First Positive Review…and the first one in a while.


Could it be, will it be Callums first positive review?!

Well In this review, I will go on to review a video game….and indie game that has taken off like crazy and with good reason…Minecraft.

I like many people heard about it, looked at it for a while and thought, crappy graphics…. seems a bit pointless, but on closer inspection anyone with an ounce of imagination or creativity could grab this game by the balls and make an infinite amount of things, from your very own adventures, too a scale model of a famous landmark, to a 100ft tall obsidian cock for the less mature of us.

Originally i hadnt even played Minecraft, until a friend decided to show me a series on Minecraft from the guys at the Yogscast and my word how their series on Minecraft has taken off, and with good reason, with over half a million subscribers on youtube they keep so in touch with their audience and work hard to create (although a bit nerdy) funny, inspiring and classic bits of work, merely using a bunch of blocks formed in a computer game, this epitomizes what Minecraft should be about, the endless fun and possibilities available with such an open game.

So, I purchase the game and begin…well mining, gaining materials is the essence of the game, with these materials you can then build whatever you like. I have myself a little house and have done much exploring around my randomly generated world, ran into many creepers and like a lot of people have built myself a cosy little house too rest in when the evilness comes out in the dark. I have a few half arsed projects i started, but haven’t finished yet, im just looking for inspiration to build something epic….. we’ll see how that forms and i will keep you updated.

Anyway, if your looking for a bit of fun, or just to build 100ft cocks then minecraft is deffo the game for you, cant say im convinced about it going on to the xbox, but we will see.

Minecraft gets a well deserved…. 9.8/10

Ive been too nice in this review, i feel a bit dirty, next time i will review something bad……. maybe related to my line of work….maybe related to something that pisses me off….im thinking Rihanna….. but as usual it prob wont be, until then bitches,

Work Hard, review sporadically…<<< thats my new tag line…what do u think?

Also heres a little clip from the yogscast;s Minecraft series to see if i can convert any others to waste many hours watching these 2 legends fart around on Minecraft 😉



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  1. longhurst88 says:

    We/I want more more!!

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