Callum Reviews….British People Complaining about British Weather.

Its Monday, the weather outside is pretty damn nasty, cue twitter and fbook updates of at least 20 people complaining that the weather is shitty.

Now unless you have lived in the UK for less than a year and haven’t seen all 4 seasons of this countries marvellous weather we should all now be used to the British weather and its stunning unpredictability.

Why then when it rains and gets colder because the seasons are changing do people feel the need too fucking moan about it!

YES ITS RAINING, YES ITS GETTING COLD, why talk about it too every person you meet! Are your lives that unfulfilled all you can do is comment on the weather and especially on facebook or twitter where anyone reading it can just look out their window for a fucking weather update! they dont need you complaining about it too remind them that the weather is shite!

British people, the whole world basically mocks us for our weather moaning! GET OVER IT OR FUCK OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE.



Next time on callum reviews, Chlamydia.


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