Update and CallumReviews Catholicism and the Popes visit to the UK

Ok, when i started this blog i insisted to myself i would try and do at least one review a week, for this fail of a fail i give myself 0.5/10 ūüė¶

So i will try and make this post extra special and review a subject close to my heart…… Catholicism and the Pope’s “visit” to the UK.

The pope doing what he does best, showing off those tainted fingers......

Now…… i am all for people believing what they want too believe, i dont hold grudges whether they believe in say satanism or believe that pokemon existed instead of dinosaurs….. but Catholicism….i make one fuck off big exception because the people who believe the shit the catholic church spew are fecking retarded. ¬†On par with inbred southern americans with half a brain and 6 fingers and toes….combined…

Seriously, believing in a religion that has convinced priests and vicars and men of the cloth that touching and abusing young boys is actually right is fucking stupid, yet they have a huge grip on the religion market, just see all the spacktards who turned out to see the pope when he visited the uk ¬†in his pope(pimp)mobile. (which is also a¬†travesty….. take note catholics of where ur money u give in church is going =) )

Then his visit some how raped all the time taken on the 24 hour news channels! lets get this right,¬†Catholicism¬†is actually a minor staple when it comes to religion all over the world, there are more worthy people in the world who deserve the news coverage…take this bloke who saved a kid from falling off an escalator in turkey….and saved by a man with an AWESOME CATCH.

what does this amazing act of courage get, a one min spot on the news…..ridiculous.

Then they have the masses the pope held¬†broadcasting¬†live…. i sat through one….chanting, silence and the pope speaking broken¬†English¬†for more than an hour. I’d rather watch loose women or pigs being skinned alive for an hour…it would be more interesting and less apocalyptic feeling than this shit…if u have ever played final fantasy 10, see the Yevon religion in this for a good satire/link with the catholic religion.



Next time on Callum Reviews……….(again i prob wont review it) …………… anal fissures.

Until then here is the banjo tune from deliverance..


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