Callum Reviews….. The North of England.

As a person who has never visited the north of England, I feel I can give a completely fair view of the North of England.  As I live in a fairly southern part of the world I live in idyllic countryside village surrounded by lovely countryside and butt rapingly good scenery. As a kid growing up, the places to explore were unlimited. I live in fairly nice house and am not overloaded by idiots. Lets compare this with a typical family scene from northern england.

As well as the epic lols we get from the one guy in his celtic shirt and the fact that this lot are lovers as well as brothers and sisters…… we get ugly, depressed looking people drinking cheap alcohol in the tiniest dining room ever. This sums the north up to a tee, pointless and as about as useful as a vacuum cleaner that blows rather than sucks. Its somewhere in which i would only visit if i was handcuffed and forced to go.

It dreary boring and what the fuck is there of any interest in the north of England except mocking wankers who rape the english language with thier fuck off annoying accent.

Nuclear warfare from the south of england is inevitable.

North of England……FUCK YOU


Next time on Callums Reviews…….. im never gunna actually review the things i say at this point, but lets go with Luigi of the super mario brothers.


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